by Rooks

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released April 11, 2011


Rooks are Ade Holder, Luke Hefson and Freddy Furber

Recorded and mixed by Neil Kennedy at




all rights reserved


Rooks Brighton, UK

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Track Name: The P.F.K.
First of all, apologies for offending you
Secondly, fuck your feelings and fuck you too
You base your life, on information that’s all wrong
I have to wonder, is the world really that far gone?
Solidarity is not a reason to believe
I'm as guilty as the rest
But so many things about this are so fucking wrong
That’s why I tried to write this song
Your religion, won't bring us any judgement days
Conservatism will lead us to a terrible place
Don’t you think, The Pope is an evil man
He sanctifies so many things that I cant stand
Track Name: Keep Walking
My heart broke this morning
As you walked away
As another day was dawning
You walked away

My world it woke this morning
As you walked away
As another life was dawning
You turned, you walked away

And I know where you've been
Don't think I don't know

I'll fight this sinking feeling
And let you walk away
I'll soar through the mourning
And let you walk away
Track Name: Me Versus
I'm not a brave man
But I know what I’ve got to do
I'm not a strong man
But I know that I hate you
I'm not a saviour
But then, neither is any man
I'm not a soldier
But I’ll do the best I can

I know myself so much better than you
You don’t know me so fuck you too
I have my feelings
And I have my broken bones
I know I travelled
Down so many broken roads
But the damage makes me
So much stronger than you think
I know I’ve done things
You never thought I could
Track Name: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ignorant Bastards
I know I don’t like you
But you have a good heart
Maybe I'm lying
It’s just the start 
You’ve got no education
But that’s not your fault
You garner opinions
From the public vault
Tell me what do you do
With people like you
They come out of your mouth
Without a care
You think its intelligent
But its far from there
You say you have bad luck
But its how you treat
The people around you
The people you meet
Track Name: Bulletproof
I wont sit down anymore
I wont be kept on the floor
The time has come to make my own way
I just hope there’s something more
You can do it by yourself
You can jump down off the shelf
Time has come to make your own way
But what about mental wealth?
We’re not all bulletproof
You know nothing can change us
Where does it all go
To hell with your fucking flow
I can’t die, like the rest of them
Bets are in, its time to show 
I’m here to stand my ground
No longer am I gagged and bound
Time has come to make my own way
Got some air, I wont be drowned
Track Name: Have a Hope
How often does it come together
How often does it all hold fast
When will the buzz become a tether?
And how do we know it will last
The blood and butterflies are questioned
But does insomnia play its part
I question all that doesn’t matter
Even when I'm at the start
Radiate like fire
Rock the boat
Is there a place for me

That feeling I've had never ever
What I thought was a new thing
Where does it all belong today now?
You'll know when you hear me sing
Track Name: Ambulance
We are the same but different
This is no experiment
You drive me fucking crazy
You are my ambulance

I wish that I could stop the fear
I keep saying things you don’t want to hear
Forgive me, it's just my mind
Doing things that I cannot define
You see things that I can't see
Its like you see what I want to be
With that I can only improve
If not then I might just lose
I cover up my eyes so I cant see
I’ll try to change but there’s things I will never be
I’ll try to fix myself my dear
I’ll cover up your ears cause there’s things you don’t want to hear
Track Name: Victory Is Mine
The horizon is empty
But the space is oppressive
There are chances aplenty
But no finish line 
Just keep your mouth shut
They don’t want to hear it
Just stop the flow of blood
Stop the scent of fear

Victory’s mine, and I will die if it is not
Victory’s mine, I’m on a path, I cant be stopped
Did I say that out loud?
Should have stayed where it was
I’m out of the crowd
And I'm slightly lost
The way isn’t blocked
There’s a million pathways
The pistol’s cocked
With no fucking safety
Track Name: Bet It All On Black
Not even sure if I was born
Not even sure where I came from
I’ll take the risk but not the forgiveness
I’ll try not to fuck it all away
You cant stop me
Try and stop me
You cant stop me
Someone stop me
You don’t have to live on a level
Existence doesn’t make me cry
The ups and downs are so exiting
You’ll never know if you don’t try
Track Name: Yes No Go
Tell me why I have to comply
With everything I don’t believe
I’ll find my answers my own way
I’ll make my own reprieve

You say yes
I say no
Fuck you, it's time to go

Why do you look to the sky
For everything you want to believe
Stand up and make your own way
Don’t die on bended knees