by Rooks

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released December 17, 2013


Rooks are Ade Holder, Luke Hefson and Freddy Furber

Recorded and mixed by Neil Kennedy at

Mastered by Lewis Johns




all rights reserved


Rooks Brighton, UK

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Track Name: Another One
Oh no, I got another one
I’m really sorry if you feel it’s the same song
But where the hell do these people come from?
Every breath you take is just too long

It’s all a challenge, it’s all a strain
Your attempt to save yourself ends in flames

You might say that it’s just me
Maybe I’m with the wrong philosophy
But I assure you, I am just fine
Just angry, there’s another in line

What did I do to deserve you
And even more so why do I deserve two
Track Name: Punk Rock Faction
Nothing’s quite the same this time
I don’t think the anger’s gone
So much more is broken
So much more is going wrong
Selfishness and happiness is what is tempering me
Blocking out the light, so I cannot see

And now I see
Its gonna take some real action from me
Not creating a scene
Not creating a punk rock faction

I still feel that it’s my duty to defend the wronged
But maybe now I see
It’s not as easy as it used to be
I still scream and shout and I’ll think that it’s all fixed
But maybe now I see, we’re never gonna get out of this shit
Track Name: Gentrification
I can’t commit to this life like before
In spite of all the heartache and the war
I’m questioning my own integrity
But there’s no one left to impress, it’s just me

I don’t want to
I don’t need to
Why do I do
Worrying won't stop the tears
Track Name: Schemers
There’s a reason why we can’t even talk

Remember that we are nothing but one
Don’t ever feel small and don’t you run
We all share the burden of a trillion souls
We are all the victim of how it rolls

I wish that I could say
“It’s cool with me if it’s cool with you”
But that wouldn’t be right and it wouldn’t be the truth

Please look around and see that we are more
Than a million faces all swimming to shore
But the noise together is just too high
Without some silence we’ll all die
Track Name: Where's The Anger Gone?
Am I too happy now
To write anything of use
Without the constant fear
Without constant abuse
I still love the feeling that I get
There’s no regrets

Am I not true enough to deal the final blow?

I have to ask myself
“Where did it all go?”
Without the malcontent how I can I know?
And now I realise
You all fucking lied
Track Name: Who's Dying?
Why can’t you see how far we’ve gone?
Appreciate its going wrong
I’m not immune to your abuse
Is there anything that you approve?

I’m trying but we’re fucking dying

You don’t wanna know
Turn back, just turn back and go
Turn your back and go

Fell of the precipice years ago
Holding onto nothing
Where does it go?
Looking for anything to stem the pain
We think we’ve changed but it’s the same
Track Name: Get Bitter
Everything is filled with hypocrisy
I eat the apple not the tree
Every time I try to draw the line
Whichever way I go, someone’s gonna lose

Get angry and get bitter
Get so much more
For justice, for solace
I don’t want to fail anymore

Perfect is not reality
Its just frustrating how far it seems to be
It’s more complex then you’ll ever know
At least my choices aren’t all just for show
Track Name: Zero Vis
I know you’re angry
I know you need to be
Just take a step back
And think what they could be
The clouded water
Makes the most dangerous sea
You’ll never see the shark
Until you start to bleed

Thinly veiled feelings from the right
The predator waits for you
Those simple answers are fed from your fears
Don’t let them gain control

They give you Goldstein
The hate then starts to breed
Diverting problems
And a failure to see
The clouded water
Makes the most dangerous sea
You’ll never see the shark
Until you start to bleed
Track Name: Lost At Sea
There’s a bottle broken on the floor
And a soul dying behind the broken door
A spirit crushed by so many things
A mind too weak to pull the pin

We sing for devotion
Lost all at sea
Why change for emotion
Why change just for me

Daylight comes cutting through the eyes
Over and over, no future starts again
A sprit crushed by so many things
A mind too weak to pull the pin
Track Name: Peace For The Peaceful
You open your mouth and nothing comes out
And still they see you with no doubt
With hotel suites and bleeding feet
You’re never going to fixed these broken streets
I don’t think you want to know

While they suffer and you all enjoy their love
While they cry, all your coffers, they overflow
The smiling eyes
While the millions fall and die
You stand so tall
Yet you’re fixing nothing at all

While they suffer, they all agree and none of them see
While they all cry, you preach to those who agree
The smiling eyes
Are blind to reality
You stand so tall
Yet you’re fixing nothing at all

You’re selling a concept that they already have